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sermons tagged 'Deliverance'

Deliver Us

Psalm 31:1-24
May 31st 2020

Do you ever ask God for help? Well, you probably do every day. You see, we all need help from God. We all need to be rescued, redeemed, and delivered. We are a desperate people. You may need God to deliver you from your divorce, your adultery, your gossiping mouth, >>

Fortress, Foundation, God, Helper, Jesus Christ, Refuge, Rock
Deliverance, Redemption, Salvation


Exodus 20:1-17
Mar 15th 2020

How do we worship God? Do we worship him in any way that we like? Or, does God desire a certain type of worship? Well, read Exodus 20, and think it over. It appears that God is very specific about his desires, laws, and regulations for our worship. The first >>

Deliverance, Law of God, Reformed Theology, Rescue, Son of God, Third Use of Law
God's Law, God's Son, Ten Commandments

God Rescues

Exodus 13:17-14:31
Mar 1st 2020

Our God rescues his people. When we call out to God, he hears our cry, and he helps us. Has that been your experience? Do you cry our to God for help? Has God ever fought for you? Has God ever helped you escape from your enemies of sin, Satan, the flesh, and >>

Bondage, Deliverance, God Fights For Us, Moses, Prayer, Salvation
Red Sea Crossing Freedom in Christ, Slavery

God's Call

Exodus 3:1-22
Feb 23rd 2020

God calls us to follow him. In 2020, we have noticed God's call in the lives of Noah, Abraham, Jacob, and Moses. We clearly see that God uses broken, weak people to accomplish his redemptive mission. Only God can draw a straight line with a crooked stick. Read >>

Deliverance, Doubt, Exodus, Freedom in Christ, Redemption, Sin
Burning Bush, Calling, Moses

A Little Faithful Prayer

Matthew 17.14-20
Apr 22nd 2018

Back in Matthew chapter ten, Jesus had given His disciples authority to heal the sick, to exorcise demons. In our passage today we meet a desperate man whose son is stricken with epilepsy caused by demon possession. He had sought out the disciples for help, but >>

adolescence, deliverance, demonic oppression, demonic possession, demons, desperation, disciples, exorcism, failure, healing, help, hope, miracle, perversion, twisted, youth
demons, Matthew, miracles

Sovereign Over the Super Natural

Matthew 8.28-34
Oct 2nd 2016

Over the last several sections of Scripture, Matthew has revealed Jesus' supreme authority over the Law, over disease, over distance, over nature.

Last week, after calming the wind & seas, the disciples were left fearful & questioning: "What sort >>

authority, Christ, deliverance, demon, demoniac, exorcism, Gadarene, Gerasene, identity, Messiah, peace, pigs, power, rejection
authority, deliverance, Matthew