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Deliver Us

Psalm 31:1-24
May 31st 2020

Do you ever ask God for help? Well, you probably do every day. You see, we all need help from God. We all need to be rescued, redeemed, and delivered. We are a desperate people. You may need God to deliver you from your divorce, your adultery, your gossiping mouth, >>

Fortress, Foundation, God, Helper, Jesus Christ, Refuge, Rock
Deliverance, Redemption, Salvation

Finished Work

Proverbs 6:6-11
May 17th 2020

Doesn't it feel good to finish a project? What a joy it is to celebrate a job well done! This is true spiritually, as well. Our redeemer, Jesus Christ, finished his work of salvation for us, on the cross. It is done! Our salvation is secure. But, we still have >>

Cross, Eternal Rest, Jesus Christ, Laziness, Progressive Sanctification, Sloth
Ant, Rest, Work


Numbers 11:1-15
May 10th 2020

Are you content? Are you satisfied with your lot in life? Most people are not. Like the Israelites in the wilderness, we are craving. We are longing for the "good old days" or our future "blessing." But, we a not content with our life, >>

Grumbling, Longing, Lust, Moab, Rabble, Wanderings, Wilderness
Assurance, Jesus Christ, Satisfaction

Keep Your Heart

Proverbs 4:10-27
Apr 5th 2020

Wise people live with intention. They know God's redemptive path, and they walk accordingly. As John Calvin said, "They know God and they know themselves." What is more, wise people study their hearts, guard their hearts, and cultivate their >>

Affections, Instruction, Jesus Christ, John Flavel, Living Water, Regeneration
Christian Growth, Sanctification, Wisdom

God Revealed

Psalm 19:1-14
Mar 29th 2020

How does God reveal himself to us? Well, here are few ways. Read and meditate on Psalm 19 for a few minutes. Notice that the psalmist sees God in nature, in scripture, in his sin, and in God's son. What about you? How does God reveal himself to you?read >>

Bible, Creation, God's Word, Redeemer, Rock, Scripture, Sin
Jesus Christ, Natural Revelation, Special Revelation

Way of the Righteous

Psalm 1:1-6
Feb 9th 2020

There are 3 paths in the spiritual life: 1) sin, 2) self-righteousness, and 3) the gospel. Which path are you walking on? In Psalm 1, the writer contrasts the path of sin with the path of true righteousness (not the path of self-salvation). The righteousness we >>

Alien righteousness, Double imputation, Faith, God's word, Living water, Regeneration
Jesus Christ, Righteous, Wicked


Genesis 50:15-21
Feb 2nd 2020

We all want the blessed life. But, how do we get it? Well, look at the life of Joseph. The story runs from Genesis 37 to 50. It is a story of providence, temptation, adversity, purpose, sin, forgiveness, reconciliation, and grace. Joseph's story is like our story >>

Family Dysfunction, Forgiveness, Genesis, God's Story, Jacob, Jesus Christ
Blessing, Joseph, Reconciliation

Our King and Priest

Genesis 14:17-24
Jan 12th 2020

Have you ever considered the many offices of Jesus Christ? He is a diamond of unending facets and beauty. Jesus is our law-keeper, redeemer, savior, prophet, priest, king, sabbath rest, friend, maker, elder brother, prince of peace, righteousness, and companion. >>

Eternal, God Most High, Intercessor, Melchizedek, Savior, Sufficient Sacrifice
Advocate, Jesus Christ, Mediator


Genesis 1:1-2:3
Jan 5th 2020

It is important in life to know a few crucial things. We need to know where we have come from, why we exist, and where we are going. Thankfully, the Bible gives us the answers to these three crucial questions. You see, God created us to glorify and enjoy him today, >>

Adam, Eve, Garden of Eden, God's Finished Work, Jesus Christ, New Adam, Sabbath
Genesis, God's Word, Origin

Faith in Faithless Times

Jude 1:1-25
Dec 15th 2019

We live in a secular culture. Most people are untethered to a vibrant connection with God. They long for eternal meaning, purpose, and hope. So, how do we keep our faith in these faithless times. Well, the pithy letter of Jude gives us three helpful challenges. >>

Anti-nomians, False teachers, False teaching, Jesus Christ, Libertines, Reformed Theology, Truth
Contend, Grow, Reach Out

The Old Path to New Joy

2 John 1-12
Dec 1st 2019

What brings you joy? Is it friends, family, shopping, leisure, money, or romance? Well, the true is that lasting joy is only found in Jesus Christ. Ultimately, only Jesus can captivate our minds, satisfy our affections, lift our spirits, and fulfill our >>

Deception, False Teaching, Gospel Grace, Joy of the Lord, Love, Truth
Jesus Christ, Lasting Joy, Old Paths

The Cross

John 19:1-16
Nov 17th 2019

Why is the cross so central to our faith? Well, it all comes down to this ... How do we get reconciled to God? Many think it depends upon us. For example, we save ourselves through good works, prayers, giving, effort, and self-salvation projects. This is >>

Cleansing Blood, Crucifixion, Mediator, Perfect High Priest, True King
Jesus Christ, Pontius Pilate, Salvation

Solus Christus

John 14.6
Nov 19th 2017

Upon the backdrop of the dark ages the Light of the Truth of Christ broke through brilliantly & brightly. While religious leaders of the Roman Catholic Church sought to control ignorant masses of lost souls, the Reformers were reading the Word of God, >>

Christ, hope, Jesus, Mary, pope, Savior, Son of God, Son of Man, treasury of merit
Five Solas, Jesus Christ, justification