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Who Do You See?

Feb 26th 2012

In the Father's love and grace toward us, He not only understands our weaknesses, but strengthens us through them.

God wants us to trust in what He see's when He sees >>

1 Kings 18, identity, Judges 6

Christ-Centered Family

Deuteronomy 6.6-9
Aug 15th 2010

Pastor Paige's father shares from the Scriptures the what and why of a Christ-Centered Family.

Join us as he shares passages that lay the groundwork for the next 6 weeks in Restore. Brad shared from three different passages today: Matthew 7, Deuteronomy 6, >>

Christ-centered, Deuteronomy 6, family, Judges 6, Matthew 7, restore, small groups
Deuteronomy 6, family, vision