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Resurrection of the Heart

Apr 24th 2011

All the doctrine, theology, and fulfilled prophecy in the world can't change the heart. Only God can do that. So what's the Great Physician's scalpel of choice: the cross and resurrection.

Join us today as we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord & >>

doctrine, Easter, heart, love, mind, obedience, prophecy, resurrection, truth
holiday, resurrection

Worship 101

Jan 3rd 2010

What is it? Why is it? When is it? How do we do it?

Discovering the answers to these questions is almost as difficult as trying to nail jello to the wall.

However, the Scripture does provide us with the tools of worship: namely, Jesus >>

Great Commandment, heart, love, mind, New Covenant, Psalm, Romans 12, worship
discipline, ministry, vision